House Cleaning Services laval

House Cleaning Services Laval

ÉclatNet House Cleaning services Laval does it differently!

Maid, housekeeper, or housekeeping service. No matter what choice you decide, the best way is to shop around and ask for references before hiring someone who offers their cleaning service.


The first step is to free yourself from housekeeping chores. The regular housekeeping service offered by ÉclatNet  House Cleaning Services in Laval and Montreal region can contribute to providing you with advanced professional help and having a house that is always Bright and well organized.

Here is our commitment to quality that we assure. Real 5-star service.

– A reliable and punctual service you can count on!

Honest and discreet service for your safety.

– A complete and careful service for your complete satisfaction.

– Professional and kind service.

– A personalized service that adapts to your needs and your budget.

Our work plan has been developed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

The team that will operate at your home will apply this plan according to ÉclatNet standards and the contractors affiliated with ÉclatNet are aware that loyalty to our housekeeping services always and directly depends on your level of satisfaction.

An evaluation will be requested after each visit, in order to better communicate and meet your expectations.




  • Clean and disinfect: The sink, the counters and the small appliances therein (ex: Coffee maker, Toaster, … etc.)
  • Cleaning the microwave oven (inside and outside) There are several natural solutions for cleaning the oven.
  • Clean the exterior of appliances
  • Clean the electric baseboards and ventilation openings
  • Remove stains from cabinet doors, and clean the top of the kitchen table.
  • Dust light fixtures, frame, and horizontal blinds
  • Vacuum and wash the floor


  • Clean and disinfect:

– sink and bathtub

-shower and toilet

  • Clean, polish: mirrors, Taps, and accessories
  • Dust / Clean: electric baseboards, heaters, ventilation outlets, and horizontal blinds
  • Empty and clean garbage cans
  • Vacuum and wash the floor.

Living room & bedrooms

  • Dust Furniture, Frames, Trinkets, Lighting and Horizontal Shades
  • Vacuum carpet and upholstery
  • Clean and polish mirrors, screens (TV, computers …)
  • Remove fingerprints on doors
  • Vacuum and wash the floors

Other parts

Clean the exterior of washer and dryer

Vacuum, wash the floor of the Entrance Hall and stairs



This Service is available to ÉclatNet customers who already use our green service (Full Housekeeping).

It consists of cleaning only part of your house, cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming your entire home (washing floors not included).

The  BLUE SERVICE  is to keep the house clean, It is less expensive and alternates with the GREEN SERVICE.



It is a service with special needs, usually special requests! As for example: Cleaning the interior of the stove and the refrigerator, washing the patio door windows.

  • Cleaning of carpets and upholstery;
  • Cleaning of blinds;
  • Cleaning the interior of appliances and cupboards;
  • Cleaning after renovations and before moving;