Commercial Cleaning Services laval

Commercial Cleaning Services Laval


Eclatnet commercial cleaning services Laval. Commercial activity is distinguished by the cleanliness of its premises.

ÉclatNet’s mission with its top-notch Commercial Cleaning Services in the Laval area is to improve the daily lives of customers by ensuring their radiant cleanliness and perfect hygiene in their offices or commercial premises.

Our ability to adapt allows the entrepreneur affiliated with ÉclatNet to perform all the tasks necessary for the routine maintenance of offices, taking into account the expectations of our customers and the specifics of the place.



  • Clean and disinfect: The sink, the counters and the small appliances therein (ex: Coffee maker, Toaster … etc.)
  • Clean microwave oven (inside and outside)
  • Clean the exterior of appliances
  • Clean the electric baseboards and ventilation openings
  • Remove stains from cabinet doors, and clean the top of the kitchen table.
  • Dust light fixtures, frame, and horizontal blinds
  • Vacuum and wash the floor

Shower room

  • Clean and disinfect:

– the sink

– the toilet

  • Clean, polish: mirrors, taps, and accessories
  • Dust / Clean: electric baseboards, heaters, air vents
  • Empty and clean garbage cans
  • Vacuum and wash the floor.

Offices, premises and Reception hall

  • Dust furniture, frames, trinkets, light fixtures, and horizontal blinds
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Clean and polish mirrors, screens (TV, computers …)
  • Remove fingerprints on doors
  • Empty and clean the bins (put a new bag), take out the garbage and recycle
  • Vacuum and wash the floors